Prodream USA programme

Lorne with clientWith almost 3500 universities and colleges across the USA offering scholarships at a range of academic and sporting levels, combined with a highly complex application process, securing and applying for a US golf scholarship is fraught with difficulty. prodream USA is uniquely placed as the UK’s only golf specific scholarship consultants, to secure a scholarship that is right for you and guide you through the entire process from start to finish, leaving you to simply concentrate on your golf and your academics.

The prodream USA programme has five stages.

Stage 1: Evaluation

The first step is an evaluation to determine your suitability for a US golf scholarship. We will look at your academic qualifications to date and your golfing skills and credentials. In addition, we’ll get to know a bit more about you as a person and what your ambitions are both academically and as a golfer, all of which will help us understand what type of scholarship would be suitable for you. We do this through a combination of questionnaires, informal meetings and by taking a look at your CV. Once we have all this information we can determine whether you have a realistic chance of earning a scholarship and if you are a suitable candidate for the prodream USA programme. With scholarships covering such a broad range of academic and sporting levels, we are confident that there is something to suit most young talented and enthusiastic golfers.

Stage 2: Personalised promotional campaign

Once we have a clear picture of your ability and requirements, we will research and identify those universities and colleges that could potentially suit your needs. These will take into consideration things like, location, size, student body, courses available, coaches, finance and social events to name a few.

We will then carry out a promotional campaign to those selected institutions using a variety of techniques. From the online coach centre on our website, where coaches can view your profile, to speaking directly with coaches thanks to the unique profile and relationship we have with them through our Golf Director Lorne Kelly. Our experience with coaches has found they always prefer to see the candidate before offering a scholarship, which is why we also provide personalised footage of candidates via DVD – a truly unique service that no other sports scholarship consultants offer.

While everyone’s promotional campaign will be different, based on your unique combination of ability and requirements, the ultimate aim is the same – to secure the best possible scholarship for you.

Stage 3: Compliance and eligibility

Whether you are from Texas or Telford, everyone applying to a US academic institution has to be declared eligible and have passed the SAT exam. The process for potential student athletes to enter and compete within the NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA is extremely complex with each governing body having different eligibility criteria and regulations. We will guide you through the whole process from helping you register and secure eligibility to providing helpful hints and tips and practice material to pass the SAT exam.

This stage is critical to securing and taking up a scholarship in the US and we will use our in-depth knowledge of the system to steer you through this complex but crucial part of the process.

Stage 4: Making the Decision

Participating in a US golf scholarship is an exciting opportunity and while you may be sure that this is the next step for your golfing career, there is still the decision about which university or college you choose. Before you commit yourself to a particular institution, you may still have some further questions like “What are the graduation rates of the students?”, “Will I be happy on campus?”, and “Is the location right?”. While the decision is ultimately yours, we aim to make that decision as effortless as possible by presenting you with and ensuring you have access to all the information you need to make an informed choice about your future. We have a wealth of experience in placing candidates across the US and you will benefit from that experience to make the right choice for you.

Stage 5: Formalities

Finally, before you step on the plane and head off across the Atlantic, there are a few other formalities that need to be taken care of, and with which we can also help.

Student Visa: Any potential US student athlete living outside the US must obtain a Student Visa before leaving for the US. We can provide useful contacts and guidance to help you secure your Student Visa.

Insurance: There are two types of insurance to consider before travelling to the US. General health insurance is essential in case you suffer any illness or injury while you are there. You should also consider insurance as an athlete during practice or intercollegiate competition. It is likely your institution will cover you when representing them during competition, however this does not cover you in all other events. We can recommend companies and particular policies that may best suit these needs.

Travel arrangements: We can also help ensure you get the most comprehensive and value for money option on your travel arrangements.

Last minute questions: “What can I expect when I get there?”, “How soon should I arrive before the semester starts?” For these any other questions you may have, we’re still here to help.