Important Information about Other Agencies Operating in the UK:

ProdreamUSA have seen a dramatic increase in the number of ‘sport scholarship agencies’ setting up business in the UK within the last few years.  Our message is very clear… very wary of these companies.

We would like to make it very clear that under no circumstances can you, as a golf scholarship prospect, assume that all agencies operate in the same way
Whilst we welcome competition in this industry, we would also like to emphasise that it has taken ProdreamUSA over a decade of establishing our contact base with US Coaches and governing bodies, to get us to where we are now.  Prodream are the market leaders in ‘golf specific recruiting’…..there is no doubt about that.  Contact with Prodream comes mostly from family referrals but we visit various locations throughout the UK every year, so book your slot if you want to get great advice from the professionals. Visit our Testimonials page and view the very many positive comments.

When it comes to Marketing, having the contact and respect of recruiting coaches in USA, is crucial.  This means that you must ensure that the most qualified people in ‘golf scholarship consultancy’ market you and represent you in all aspects from making the initial enquiry to walking onto that plane.  This is your future career after all which means you must seek the best advice possible. 

No other UK Company has the reputation, contacts and history of successful golf placements than ProdreamUSA, so don’t take that risk .
Future Seminars:  Please visit the ‘Future Seminars’ page of our website to see when we will be in your area.  Then all you need to do is contact Lorne or Karl by email to reserve a time in any of the seminars, usually spread over a two day weekend period.

Statement from Prodream’s Director of Golf, Lorne Kelly:                                                                     

"My staff are all professional, dedicated people who have years of experience in the Golf Industry and have experienced US College Golf first hand.  Personally I would not attempt to market other athletes from other sports because I feel credibility is then lost.  This is in effect, what other Companies try to do.   We are in a unique and favourable position due to our attendance at the annual GCAA Coaches convention in Las Vegas, where we spend an intense week attending various workshops and talks from emminent Golfers, new legislation seminars etc,  alongside anything upwards of a thousand US College Golf coaches and being the only outside company allowed to attend, we get to know all the coaches personally.  I am asked annually to make a presentation to all GCAA coaches on ‘International Recruitement’.  This gives me the opportunity to make all coaches aware of ProdreamUSA’s constantly changing portfolio of player,s available and eager to enter the College Golf Process in USA, and at the same time complete an Academic Degree. It has taken time though and it has been a long journey for us to get to this stage.  New Companies forming and expecting to emulate Prodream’s Service, is extremely unlikely".   

Signed:  Lorne Kelly