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Lorne Kelly

About Us

Prodream USA is the UK's first and only golf specific scholarship consultants. Run and owned by golf professional Lorne Kelly, prodream USA provides a tailor-made service to help you reach the next stage of your golfing ambitions through a US golf scholarship.

From initial assessment to the moment you step on the plane as a student athlete to start your golf scholarship, prodream USA is there every step of the way.

Once accepted to our programme, we will guide you through all aspects of the highly complex process from liaising with coaches and negotiating the scholarship to support on entrance exams and passing through appropriate clearing houses.

ProdreamUSA was established in 2004 by former Walker Cup/Eisenhower Trophy Winner, Lorne Kelly.  Lorne has one of the best amateur records is UK and was ranked number one with a handicap of plus five (+5) prior to his debut as a professional on the European Tour in 2000. Lorne attended the NCAA D1  University of Coastal Carolina in Myrtle Beach, USA,  where he studied for a BA in Business Administration along with a major in Marketing.  During his 4 years at UCC from 1993 to 1997, Lorne gained NCAA Div1 ‘ALL AMERICAN’ honours and was consistently awarded ‘Most valuable player’ at UCC.  On returning to UK in 1997, Lorne embarked on attaining his Scottish International ‘Cap’ and following on from that his Great Britain & Ireland ‘Cap’ competing at the highest level in Europe and UK, representing his Country in The Walker Cup and Eisenhower Trophy.

Following 3 years as a Professional, Lorne decided to apply his extensive experience and passion gained during  his Scholarship in the USA, to developing his Company prodream USA.  Prodream USA was launched in 2004 and Lorne has consistently placed an average of 80 Scholars every year since then.  The ‘placing’ is not always straight forward.  So much depends on the individual, his/her  preferences and ambitions, academic level, golfing prowess etc.  After various meetings and assessments with parents and candidates, Lorne provides the required service that ‘matches’ the golf prospect to the target University that most suits them.  Using Lorne’s unique background of extensive travel within USA, his intimate and extensive knowledge of location, culture, golf programs, Academic Degrees that most Universities offer and, using his marketing prowess, the scholarship prospect gets the best advice and exposure available, outside USA.

At present Lorne and prodreamUSA have placed in excess of 900 female and male scholars in USA Universities since 2004, an achievement no other UK Company can come even close to matching. prodreamUSA’s  record is, once scholastic and sports qualification elements have all reached the appropriate level and with the help and guidance of Lorne and Karl eligibility status is awarded by NCAA clearing house,  100% have been successfully placed at a mutually suitable University, maximising both the Academic and Sport funding available.                                                                      

After a few years establishing prodreamUSA in UK and developing a well respected  relationship with Coaches at locations throughout USA, Lorne was invited by the GCAA (Golf Coaches of America) to their annual Coaches Convention in Orlando, Florida, in 2008 to do a presentation to over two thousand College coaches on ‘International Recruitment’.  Since then prodreamUSA remains the only agency to be officially  recognised and endorsed by GCAA.      Lorne is invited annually to their current  convention location in Las Vegas to deliver a similar speech and promote prodreamUSAs’ composite portfolio of female and male scholarship candidates currently available and annually.  The GCAA are the main governing body who look after the affairs of all supporting institutions in the USA and are the main governing body behind US College golf at all levels.     

In 2007 prodreamUSA placed both a male and a female golfer into the  number one ranked team in the nation from all three governing bodies, NCAA D1 and D11, NAIA and  NJCAA.

Lorne prides himself in providing a personal assessment and swing footage on all qualified scholarship prospects.  These are loaded onto prodream’s website database.  The Website database is made available, via confidential and secure access, to a viewing audience of the majority of  University Golf Coaches within the GCAA Coach network in USA.

During the recruitment process advice is given on the most suitable year to target the start of the experience of a lifetime, considering academic and golf CV achievement/requirement etc, and to engage the family  in the entire marketing process.         

ProdreamUSA link up current clients with clients that are already playing college golf in USA.       This gives an extra dimension to the educational process prior to departure.

All clients remain in the prodreamUSA  programme at no extra charged, until they are satisfied with their choice of University/College.

prodreamUSA remain in contact with all players throughout their time in USA and can offer career advice and opportunities on graduation whether it is to compete professionally or seek a career in the golf industry.

prodreamUSA are currently endorsed by:

  • Saddlebrook Junior Golf Academy, Tampa, FL.
  • Mizuno                                                                       
  • Loretto School
  • US Kids Golf
  • Coe Connections Student Insurance
  • Hank Haney’s International Junior GA (IJGA)
  • Platinum Payment Services Ltd
  • Druh Belts & Buckles

Special deals, rates, discounts available to ProdreamUSA clients.


”Despite being ranked No 1 amateur in the UK it took me two years to secure my scholarship. The lack of information was frustrating but eventually I got lucky and found a scholarship was right for me. I don't believe you should have to rely on luck for such an important decision about your future.“

Lorne Kelly, prodream USA founder, former Walker Cup and Eisenhower Cup winner and current Tour Pro