Why Prodream

The simple answer to that is ‘Because we are the best at what we do, we are Golf specific and very proud of our track record’.  Longevity is the key to our success.   

With over 3000 colleges and universities in the states offering golf scholarships knowing where to start can seem pretty daunting. Add to that SAT tests, clearing houses, eligibility, visas, academic courses on offer and accommodation and it’s enough to make your head spin.

You may already know of someone who’s currently on a golf scholarship in the states, but just as colleges and universities in the UK are all very different so are the ones in the states. Getting the right level of golf and education are such important aspects in your life and we want to make sure that your scholarship is no different.


Crowdprodream USA is uniquely placed to help young golfers realise their dream of gaining further education and raising their golf to the next level. With most college coaches in the states receiving up-to 200 requests a week from people all over the world wanting to pursue a golf scholarship it can be hard for them to get impartial advice on a players abilities and potential. At prodream USA we put every young golfer through a detailed assessment on both their academic and golfing abilities to ensure that the college you will attend will be the right one for you, and with that assessment being carried out by Lorne Kelly, the coaches know they are getting honest, impartial advice on a player.


Lorne has tailored dozens of scholarships for young golfers and would love the chance to do the same for you. By letting prodream USA guide you through such an important time in your life we can make sure that all you have to take care of is your golf and your exam results.

Lorne, as well as completing his own Golf Scholarship in South Carolina,  has twelve years experience in Golf Scolarship recruitment.  For ten of these years he has been running and developing prodreamUSA to the Company it is today, which boasts a track record of placing more than 900 male and female scholars, all over USA.  This website also hosts player profiles who have signed up to prodreamUSA, to take advantage of an excellent marketing venue that is made available to more than two thousand Golf Coaches in USA Colleges and Universities.  These Coaches have individual,  secure and confidential access, to view potential golf scholarship recruits, listen to them talk, watch them display their skills, from Driving, Iron play, Wedge play, Chipping, Bunker play and Putting.    Part of the prodreamUSA recruitment process is a three hour filming session at Haggs Castle Golf Club where prodreamUSA is based. This footage is then edited to provide a ten minute detailed display of the individual executing and performing all shots.                                                                                                                

”The lack of information about scholarships can have disastrous conseqeunces for those who don't get the correct advice and support. Getting expert advice from Lorne at prodream USA can eliminate that risk and is critical to help you make an informed choice about the next step in your golfing career.“

Scott Henderson, former European Rookie of the Year and current Tour Pro