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Manage CNC machine setups easily with free SpaceCalc for CNC. A powerful tool, it is easy to learn yet extremely powerful. CNC free SpaceCalc with Manage button gives you a wealth of tools that you can use to configure your CNC or 3D printer. From simple commands to advanced modes, you can perform tasks for setting up a 3D printer or CNC controller. Select Cut or Position mode to move a part with the mouse or use the built in space calculator to calculate a proper move. The mouse button can be mapped to different cutting tools. Simple space calculator that allows you to easily calculate various cutting sizes and offsets. Create your own macros to perform various tasks automatically. For example, you can move in multiple directions, move along a path or add to a path. Configure your own workspace. Use the tool to design a workspace with 2, 3, 4 or any number of axes. Set up your machine parameters and set them to Custom or 3D mode. For example, you can set a z height, x width, speed, offset etc. You can also turn on the speed indicator and display what axis is moving. Custom mode allows you to easily change all parameters of your machine. You can also change settings for specific machine settings. SpaceCalc is a cross platform app for changing the speed, movement, scaling and orientation of any graphics. It supports all popular graphics formats such as: FBX, OBJ, DAE, MDL, STL, PLY, and VRML, and formats like TGA, PNG, JPG, PSD, EPS, AI, ETC, M3D, CAD and more. You can also create your own formats, open and save them. SpaceCalc takes the work out of graphics creation, making creating new graphics




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Mach3ArtsoftCRACKVersionR3 antdaem

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